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 “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

― Maya Angelou

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“The combination of vulnerability and strength. This powerful work of spoken-word poetry will grip readers with its raw, emotion-driven content. The rhythms of Hollingsworth’s poetry spring from the page.”

—Stephanie, Editor

"I can only imagine how fabulous a performance this collection could inspire. The most effective poets are those who can wear a number of different “masks” and take on a number of different tones, all while maintaining a consistent voice or style. Hollingsworth accomplished that goal beautifully—well done.”

—Brittan, Editor

"I'm SPEECHLESS! I was finally able to read Sharon Hollingsworth's book! OMG! There's so much I LOVE about it...so many folded pages that I want to read again! I'm buying this book for birthdays and Christmas presents! PHENOMENAL! So many poems touched my heart! The whole book touched my ♥️!" 


—Kia Handy-Mickels


“This lady is amazing!"


—Wendy Smith

"So raw...so powerful and very relatable. Wow!"


"This morning I didn't want to go on but I forced myself to get here. I'm so glad I came because when you recited your poem, "I Cry No More," I hid behind my hair and cried because I didn't want anyone to see my pain. However, you saw my pain as you spoke my life story that was somehow tangled up in yours. And I guess that if your pain was like my pain, then your possibilities are also my possibilities. You've empowered me to not only go on but to soar. Thank you so much, and can I please get a copy of "I Cry No More?"


"I've been holding on to something for 15 years. I've prayed about it, I cried about it, and I tried to forgive, but its been a hard and heavy weight to carry. I haven't been able to shake it off. You came here and you started with Freedom Train and then you ended with I Cry No More. There is something about when you ended with I Cry No More...I felt this heavy weight lift off my shoulders. It was like you freed me. I know I can let go and go on now. Thank you for that."

—A. Butler

  • What dreams got away from you that you want to revisit?

  • What new dreams do you want to conceive and give birth to, in the coming weeks, months and years ahead?


Whatever that looks like for you, PJ ~ The Purpose Journal Notebooks can help get you there. 

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